East Africa Survey and Data Hamonization Workshop

Date: 11th October 2021 - 12th October 2021
Facilitators: Vanessa Forti, McDonald, Rosie
Tags: Burundi Kenya Rwanda South Sudan Uganda United Republic of Tanzania


In collaboration with the EACO secretariat, ITU and the UNITAR-SCYCLE are providing technical assistance to EACO member states through the 'EACO Regional E-waste Data Harmonization' project. The project will support the relevant strategic actions of the Regional E-waste Management Strategy, notably to track progress and its achievement and to harmonize the collection of e-waste data regionally. This will eventually result in a central database on e-waste within the EACO secretariat. The project, in collaboration with the East Africa Communications Association (EACO) and UNITAR aims at harmonizing the collection of data on e-waste through household and business surveys.


ITU and UNITAR hosted a two day workshop for the ‘EACO Regional WEEE Data Harmonization Project’ which was attended by 29 participants, including from National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania. The first day of the workshop focused on finalizing a survey based on feedback, determining how to trial and distribute the survey, and producing specific country plans to define the steps each country needs to take to begin regional trials. The second day of the workshop focused on practical exercises using an e-waste statistics toolkit to ensure all project stakeholders has the knowledge and tools to collect and improve e-waste data and statistics at the national level, in a harmonized manner. As a follow up to the workshop, the project team will be organizing bilaterals with each country to further refine the plans and ensure all NSOs have compiled the necessary data, laying the foundation to begin regional trails.