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E-waste Inspection and Enforcement Manual


Secretariat of the Basel Convention

This manual offers practical guidance and background information to regulatory and enforcement officers who deal with the transboundary movements of used electrical and electronic equipment (UEEE) and electrical and electronic waste (e-waste). While actions of both export and ...


ICTs for e-Environment: Guidelines for Developing Countries, with a Focus on Climate Change


International Telecommunication Union

This report proposed a methodology to undertake rapid national e-Environment assessments as well as to develop and implement national e-Environment strategies. Among other proposals, the report recommends the preparation of an e-Environment toolkit comprised of best practices ...


Toolkit on environmental sustainability for the ICT sector


International Telecommunication Union

The Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT sector is an ITU-T initiative which provides plenty of detailed support on how ICT companies can build sustainability into the operations and management of their organizations, through the practical application of interna...

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