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Future E-Waste Scenarios


United Nations Environment Programme United Nations University

StEP, UNU, and UNEP IETC worked extensively on e-waste issues and made an attempt to look into the future of the problem in order to initiate policy level discussions on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Having insight into the future will help policymakers and industrie...


Worldwide Impacts of Substance Restrictions of ICT Equipment


This paper was developed to depict the worldwide impacts of substance restrictions of ICT equipment. It comprises an overview on hazardous materials in electronics and on the worldwide substance restrictions, which were implemented in the European Union, China, California, Jap...


WEEE/E-waste Management Report Phnom Penh Municipality


United Nations Environment Programme

This report discusses how the government of Cambodia is addressing current gaps and future needs to properly manage E-wastes in the PPM. Its specific objectives include building the national and local capacity in Cambodia on inventorization and management of E-waste by underta...


2008 Review of Directive 2002/96 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - Final Report to European Commission


United Nations University

For the review of the WEEE Directive, the European Commission (EC) launched three research studies analyzing the impact and implementation of the WEEE Directive and potential changes that might be required. This study focused on the total environmental, economic and social imp...


Skills for green jobs - A global view


International Labour Organization

This report studied different countries approaches to reveal how the potential for new and better jobs in greener industries is being realized, and, how countries have succeeded in adjusting their training provision to meet new demand; how skill gaps are delaying the green tra...

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