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International policy response towards potential supply and demand distortions of scarce metals


This paper takes account of international policies that relate to potential supply and demand distortions of geochemically scarce metals, using indium and tellurium, which are found in thin-film photovoltaics, as examples. The findings of a search among major global institutio...


E-waste Assessment Tanzania


United Nations Industrial Development Organization

This report provides the findings of the e-waste assessment study in Tanzania. The methodology used involved mainly data acquisition and analysis of the e-waste through literature review, consultations with stakeholders, field study questionnaires and observations by the exper...


Transboundary Movements of Used and WEEE - Estimates From the European Union Using Trade Statistics


United Nations University

Many uncertainties exist when analyzing e-waste related trade data, mainly due to a lack of proper registration in custom registries for e‐waste. Considering these drawbacks of applying trade data to identify the used EEE or e‐waste trade flows, this report aims to discriminat...


Tackling informality in e-waste management: The potential of cooperative enterprises


International Labour Organization

As a follow up to the working paper The global impact of e-waste: Addressing the challenge (1), this paper provides further insight on the e-waste sector, focusing on labour challenges and opportunities to leverage working conditions through the promotion of cooperatives and o...

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