Meeting focusing on Electronic Waste Statistics for the East African Community Region (Arusha, Tanzania))

Date: 28th October 2017
Facilitators: Vanessa Forti, Cornelis Peter Baldé
Tags: Burundi Kenya Rwanda South Sudan Uganda United Republic of Tanzania


The workshop was designed to allow people working in national statistical offices or in selected ministers of the countries partners of the East African Community Region to learn about the global e-waste problem and to have a better knowledge of the e-waste statics and the official measurement framework currently in use in EU.


The workshop lasted for one day. It comprised of an introduction on e-waste, 5 modules, 2 countries examples and a final group discussion: Introduction: What is electronic waste (e-waste) and its global problems Module 1: General Principles of E-waste Statistics; Module 2: How to track “sales of electronic equipment”, and how to measure “e-waste generated”; Module 3: How to measure e-waste collected and recycled; Module 4: How to measure imports and exports of e-waste; Module 5: how to use the e-waste toolkit; Countries presentations: Rwanda and Tanzania; and a final group discussion.