Regional E-waste Monitor for the CIS + Georgia 2021

The Regional E-waste Monitor for the CIS + Georgia 2021 provides an assessment of statistics, legislation, and management infrastructure of e-waste in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

The amount of e-waste generated in the region increased by 50 per cent to 2.5 Mt (8.7 kg/inh) in 2019. E-waste collection for environmentally sound management takes place in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine, and showed that 3.2 per cent of total e-waste are managed in an environmental sound manner. Some countries have no e-waste collection (e.g. Georgia, Kyrgyzstan) due to lack of organised separate collection infrastructure.

All twelve countries in the region have well-developed legal and regulatory frameworks in the field of waste management, but six of them have no specific legislations nor Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems in place for regulating e-waste. Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine have adopted e-waste-specific legislation or regulation. Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia regulate e-waste through bylaws in the national legislation (i.e. by specifically mentioning e-waste in their general waste law). Armenia and Ukraine are in a drafting process of the EPR for e-waste, and Uzbekistan has e-waste legislation in draft development.

Managing e-waste could be an economic opportunity for the region, as the e-waste generated in 2019 represents a total value of 200 billion Russian rubles (equivalent of $2.6 billion USD) of secondary raw materials.

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Date: 2021.11.24

Location: Bonn